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Cancer Horoscope announces fabulous changes for Cancer! 3rd decan: from July 12 to July 22, double ruled by the Moon – The Cancer natives born in the A decision made 15 January to 2 February can set up many personal .

Other personal details were also given, including a sketch of Lane's past and present lives. He expected to be able to make a copy of the leaf with its reading, but to his surprise he was told that he could keep the original leaf. The astrologer explained: "The Bhrigu-Samhitareplenishes itself, sometimes with very old leaves and with some less aged.

We do nothing; there is no need to. The astral records manifest physically at the appropriate time and place. But no pressure whatever was put on Lane to pay this modest sum, and the attitude of the astrologers and Swami Yogeshwar that there had been a divine revelation convinced Lane that this was no vulgar fraud. For such a small sum, the preparation of a fake Bhrigu leaf, and the willingness to allow Lane to take it away with him and thus verify its antiquity would have been out of all proportion to the work involved.

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Moreover, the specific details of the horoscope could not have been known in advance of Lane's visit. Lane's experience was not unique, since a Canadian named H. McKenzie recorded that he used the Bhrigu-Samhita in the early s and also verified its accuracy. The Bhrigu-Samhita states about me that I, Mr.

McKenzie from Canada, am here with such and such people. It states some events of my past life and also predicts the future course of my life.

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Johanssen stated that he had used the BhriguSamhita at least seven times and was convinced that it was an authentic work and the most accurate treatise he had encountered. He believed that the copy in Hoshiarpur was the most complete, although other versions were known in Delhi, Meerut, and Benares. However, it was not clear what the nature of a Bhrigu consultation was on subsequent visits. If the leaf from the first consultation was freely offered as in the case of David Lane , were other leaves available for each of the later visits?